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The best professional
laser tag equipment available.


For September 2014, we are happy to announce five new openings! We welcome all locations to the LaserMaxx family.

* Chillan, Chile
* Münster, Germany
* Forchheim, Germany
* Vijayawada, India 
* Valkenburg, Netherlands

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World's premier laser tag supplier

LaserMaxx Lasergames is world's premier laser tag supplier. With locations in over 30 countries worldwide ranging from Germany to South Africa and from India to Canada, LaserMaxx is firmly established as the premier global laser tag supplier. Founded in 1995, the global expansion of LaserMaxx Lasergames B.V. boils down to an absolute unique strength of the LaserMaxx system and perception within its service: as a laser tag operator your sales will be directly depending on the reliability of our products and this is, was and will always be our utmost concern. With the LaserMaxx system you are ensured of maximized uptime, usage of the strongest materials and the most reliable system. Together with options for integrated social media, special game types, interactive arena control the absolute strength of LaserMaxx makes it the best professional laser tag equipment available. 

A global laser tag experience

Laser tag is generally seen as one of the most diverse entertainment activities available. The harmless lasers combined with the competitive element of laser tag make it a fun entertainment activity for young, old and everybody in between. The advantages of laser tag are distinctive as an extreme large majority of the plays occur in groups, there are limited to no marginal costs, it requires just a few employees to operate and therefore the return on investment is high. The extreme strength, the modern functions, the advanced features and the extensive support of LaserMaxx ensure you of a maximized potential. 
Through our experience we have distilled information with demographics such as age and gender of the actual players of our customers, group sizes, visits, arena types, favorite game types and much more. We have bundled this information in a factsheet which can easily be printed for future reference. Feel free to download this Factsheet.pdf here (.pdf - 229 kb)

Create an experience your
customers will never forget.

Arena design

For your convenience we have created an arena design tool. With this tool you can determine the position of the walls and electronics - and experience your arena in 3d before it is even made! It will furthermore output an exact list of all items you have placed in your arena, which would serve as the most cost-efficient quote for your arena building than anywhere available. It's free!

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A profitable investment

LaserMaxx has an operator oriented perception of laser tag. With this perception, we are unique. The reliability and the durability of LaserMaxx on one hand and extreme automation on the other hand directly translate to a maximum profit potential. While for the whole duration of the game you can allocate your human resources commercially elsewhere, the hammerstrong quality of LaserMaxx equipment ensures you of your ultimate business stability. The intrinsic nature to play laser tag in groups as opposed to single games allow for an efficient use of resources. You can further increase your sales through usage of commercial pointers within the LaserMaxx system. A combination of all those factors make LaserMaxx a truly profitable investment.

Starting your LaserMaxx location

To start a LaserMaxx location the first step would be to determine and plan the space needed. Usually a laser tag location has the following lasergame related rooms: an arena, a loading room and an instruction room. To maximize throughput these rooms are best connected. Both the instruction and vest room are furthermore best connected with your bar/lounge for an efficient traffic flow. A decent play size on average is between 250 up to 600 square meters. The interior of this space is created through a smart positioning of walls combined with some specific electronics (smoke machines, blacklights, stroboscopes) and UV paintings. All these items are best and most cost-efficient obtained locally. After the walls are placed in their allocated places paint everything black and consider a very good graphic graffiti artist - or request us for a contact. We supply you with a free online arena design tool. Building a laser tag arena has never been easier. 

Your business stability
is our utmost concern.

Unique integrations

Our plugins allow you to obtain an incredible headstart from day one or facilitate your desire to remain dynamic and vibrant a year from now. With our plugins and options you can be assured of a unique system suited to your needs and your players desires. 
We offer various unique integrations: the ability to manage multiple arenas through our multi-arena plugin, automated membership and social plugins, live ranking features, DMX plugins, multimedia plugins and much... much more innovations and features!  

» Contact us for your custom-made advise

Reliable and hammerstrong products

Your sales are directly depending on the reliability of our products. This is, was and always will be our main priority. The durability of our products is made tangible by using hammerstrong transparant covers to protect sensitive electronics and strong and sturdy body material to protect the delicate wiring, and various other measures. For instance: do you know that our laser tag guns have absolutely no electronics in them (yes really!)? With integrated internet support and the option for service and support after business hours and in weekends (24/7) you can be assured of the most durable and reliable products with the most extensive service and support. We supply a reliable solution for your entertainment company. 

Innovative commercial features 

Throughout the years we have innovated various options and features - often followed by other manufacturers. From the Facebook membership option with achievements, ranks and XP, to the Pay-Per-Play financing option and from the Anti-Stalking game option to game interaction with your arena: many innovative features were created by us - and still are. 
Unique is that our innovations are always made with the eye on specifically the arena owner: you. Your business success is directly tied to our business success and therefore you can always be assured that all of our products, features, plugins, updates and innovations give you the tools to enhance your commercial efficiency, increase automation of your business or otherwise benefit you commercially. Tangibly speaking the LaserMaxx system gives you options for automated narrowcasting, automated arena integration, automated media functions, automated social media plugins and unique and thrilling game styles. The unique innovations combined with the extreme durable products ensure you of a maximized commercial efficiency. 

Everything has been invented
things can only be improved.

A reliable partner

Our priority is to provide the most durable and best professional laser tag system available and give extensive service and support on this. We focus on our products, we focus on innovation, we focus on automation and we focus on support. Durability, reliability and stability are our keywords. We give you the tools to create an experience your customer will never forget!