Laser Tag integrations

Our plugins allow you to obtain an incredible headstart from day one or facilitate your desire to remain dynamic and vibrant a year from now. With our plugins and options you can be assured of a unique system suited to your needs and your players desires. 
We offer various unique integrations: the ability to manage multiple arenas through our multi-arena plugin, automated membership and social plugins, live ranking features, DMX plugins, multimedia plugins and much... much more innovations and features!  

Reliable and hammer strong Laser Tag

Your sales are directly depending on the reliability of our Laser Tag Set. This is our main priority. The durability of our equipment is made tangible by using hammer strong transparant covers to protect sensitive electronics and strong and sturdy body materials to protect the set wiring, and various other measures. For instance: do you know that our laser tag guns have absolutely no electronics in them (yes really!)? With integrated internet support and worldwide  service and support after business hours and in weekends (24/7) you can be assured of the most durable and reliable lasertag set with the most extensive service and support. We supply a reliable system for your entertainment company. 

Innovative commercial laser tag features 

Throughout the years we have innovated various options and features - often followed by other manufacturers. From the Facebook membership option with achievements, ranks and XP, to the Pay-Per-Play financing option and from the Anti-Stalking game option to game interaction with your arena: many innovative features were set by us - and still are. 
Unique is that our innovations are always focussed on the tag arena owner: you. Your business success is directly tied to our business success and therefore you can always be assured that all of our products, features, plugins, updates and innovations give you the tools to enhance your commercial efficiency, increase automation of your business or otherwise benefit you commercially. Tangibly speaking the LaserMaxx lasergame system gives you options for automated narrowcasting, automated arena integration, automated media functions, automated social media plugins and unique and thrilling game styles. The unique innovations combined with the extreme durable products ensure you of a maximised commercial efficiency.