LaserMaxx openings March

For March 2020, we are happy to announce 4 new LaserMaxx openings! We welcome all locations!

- Pécs, Hungary
- Köpingsvik, Sweden
- Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
- Drachten, The Netherlands

World's leading laser tag supplier

LaserMaxx Lasergames is world's premier laser tag supplier. With 1+ million monthly players in 350+ locations in over 50 countries worldwide, ranging from Germany to Jamaica and from Mexico to Thailand, LaserMaxx is firmly established as the premier global laser tag supplier. Founded in 1995, the global expansion of LaserMaxx Lasergames B.V. boils down to an absolute unique strength of the LaserMaxx system and perception within its service: as a laser tag operator your sales will be directly depending on the reliability of our products and this is, was and will always be our utmost concern. With the LaserMaxx system you are ensured of maximized uptime, usage of the strongest materials and the most reliable system. Together with options for integrated social media, special game types, interactive arena control the absolute strength of LaserMaxx makes it the best professional laser tag equipment available. 

A global laser tag experience

Laser tag is generally seen as one of the most diverse entertainment activities available. The harmless lasers combined with the competitive element of laser tag make it a fun entertainment activity for young, old and everybody in between. The advantages of laser tag are distinctive as an extreme large majority of the plays occur in groups, there are limited to no marginal costs, it requires just a few employees to operate and therefore the return on investment is high. The extreme strength, the modern functions, the advanced features and the extensive support of LaserMaxx ensure you of a maximized potential. 
Through our experience we have distilled information with demographics such as age and gender of the actual players of our customers, group sizes, visits, arena types, favorite game types and much more. We have bundled this information in a factsheet available for download here (.pdf - 229 kb)!