Is it possible to have a different number of LaserMaxx vests than listed?

Yes, you can decide how much vests you want yourself. We have a default number of vests, but if you want more or less vests, we are very flexible. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help you!

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Can my neighbor buy your laser tag equipment as well and compete me?

It is very well possible that somebody else wants to open a LaserMaxx venue near you. However, we are able to offer exclusivity if you desire so. This exclusivity is optional and is depending on the size and population of the region you are in and will guarantee you that no other LaserMaxx venue is being opened in the region agreed upon. Ask us for details.

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How long does it take to produce the equipment?

The normal lead time is 6 to 8 weeks, so be sure to order early!

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Can I use LaserMaxx laser tag equipment also for mobile use?

Yes, definitely. When we are asked by a TV-program to help them with a laser tag based game, we take the LaserMaxx system simply with us. You can perfectly use LaserMaxx within your rental company and use it for mobile purposes like rentals to companies and schools!

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What is the difference between EVO-4 , EVO-5 and EVO-6?

The EVO followed by the number is our indicator for the generation. Starting at EVO-1, we have now recently innovated EVO-6. So what are the differences?

EVO-4 features options to play 2 teams, strong and robust vests (this quality has been kept in ALL EVO versions), intelligent software design and overall is just a very good, solid laser tag system. We've seen customers use this system well over 10 years (yes really).

EVO-5 allows to play with 6 teams and features multicolor LEDs, you can automated social media marketing and much more. Customers have said they love the DMX integrations, the ability for real time ranking, hot restart and many more options that have truly made EVO-5 a benchmark in the industry.

EVO-6 has seen an overhaul of the system. For starters it features a smooth and beautifully designed laser tag vest, it features crystal-clear OLED displays, thick green lasers, even better sound speakers and has more playing options. You can track player statistics using the player app, you can arrange for specialty games such as Zombie modes, all scorescreens have been beautifully designed and even it features a Reality integration which allows you to have your arena react to what is happening in the game. The options in EVO-6 allows you to arrange for an unparalleled player experience. Naturally all strong points of the previous systems are also integrated in this system.

In short: the game of laser tag itself has not changed from EVO-1 to any of the other EVO versions as laser tag even today is a game of shooting and be shot in it's core essence. How the EVO differs largely is the maturity of the system. The most recent EVO system will have much, much more options for automation, it will have way less maintenance and all the enhanced game features means that you are able to sell more games to your players. All in all we tend to say: with any generation you can play a perfect, professional game of laser tag while the most recent EVO-6 system is your perfect choice to maximize your business results.

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I want to use LaserMaxx in my country, is this possible?

Definitely, in fact it is encouraged. We have extensive experience with exporting our products and services to abroad, next to that all our staff is bilingual as well as cultural aware. All our services, warranties and additional laser tag features all apply to countries abroad as well. All laser tag products are send with fast shipping. Contact us for details.

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What is included in your laser tag packages?

Included in our package is everything you need to start a game of laser tag - except for the laser tag arena itself. Not only are the vests, guns, chargers and wallmounts included for the amount requested, but also the software, printer, PC, a marketing package... everything you need to let your customers play a game of laser tag. There are furthermore NO royalty's, annual costs or otherwise periodic costs incurred in relation to the use of software either. Free worldwide shipping is included. Therefore: the price on the pricelist is the end price for you as well. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the pricelist.

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I have a great idea for you to add to LaserMaxx, what should I do?

Contact us! We are always looking to innovate, and if you have a creative idea be sure to share it!

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Who will be my target audience at my laser game arena?

Generally speaking you can expect a lot of groups: birthday groups, corporate groups, families and friends' groups, unless you have a type-specific venue (a children's playground). The age, psychography and demographics of those groups depends on the specific location you are situated in.

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Between what ages can players play LaserMaxx?

LaserMaxx is a game which can be played by pretty much all age groups. From a practical point of view, we advise the age to be from 7 years and up. There is no maximum age. We also produce our LaserPlay system which can perfectly be used from four years and up. Contact us for more information!

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Can you share some business results of other laser tag arenas?

No, we can’t. Not only are we not privy to the business results of our customers, and even if we did know: for confidentiality reasons we can not share this. What we however can share is an overview of results of all our arenas combined. You can use, and in combination with your local market research it might give you a better understanding of the laser tag market.

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I want to use the LaserMaxx outdoor, is this possible?

Yes, the LaserMaxx is also suitable for outdoor use. Yet, LaserMaxx is designed and produced with the eye on indoor use and its design, size and functionalities are made in accordance to it and as such are not necessarily ideal for outdoor use. If you are planning to use a laser tag system outdoor, instead consider our Mantiz system. This system specializes in outdoor use.

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Do I become full owner of the laser tag products?

Yes, you become full owner of your products. For intellectual property rights the software is licensed and stays property of us. This license you receive with any purchase is absolutely free of charge. All other products are yours!

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