Using technology coming from the car and airplane industry in its covers, LaserMaxx offers you to come to our headquarters to swing a heavy hammer at our equipment. You will see that our equipment will pass the hammertest with flying colors. Can you say that about other equipment? No! Lasermaxx is and will remain to be the most durable and strongest laser game equipment available!



The EVO-5 system uses ultra bright multicolor LED's which are highly visible through the transparent protective cover. The brightness of the LED's can be customized to fit darker or lighter arenas. With our technology you can host groups with up to 6 teams and 64 players at a time!


One of the most favorite features of the LaserMaxx among customers are the famous hit points: there are nine (!) sensors on the vest and gun! These hit points are fully capable to be customized to fit your own preferences and customer desires. Microprocessors control all hit points on the EVO-5 vests and shots are acknowledged by strobing flashes. You can be hit on the front, rear, shoulders and the gun. Nine sensors guarantee near-perfect realism!


Digital speech technology and high capacity audio processors provide the vest with superior sounds. High quality speakers on not just one, but both (!) shoulders give the best sound experience to the player. Customized sound effects and a digital voice coach can even give the player guidance on how to play!


Allow your players to behave like if they were part of a real S.W.A.T.-squad and in need to rescue a 'hostage'. This is a really great option for players as they appreciate to play like if they are in a real situation. Use the S.W.A.T. laser and see the fun they have for yourself. The S.W.A.T. laser makes sure that playing lasergames has never been more realistic than with EVO-6!


Each LaserMaxx gun has a flashlight integrated which can be activated with a simple button. This serves a several purposes. For one it is a great experience addition as the customer is playing as if it is a S.W.A.T. member. The second is that it allows for extra safety due to the illumination around the player in a traditionally dark arena. The third reason is an equally important one: firedepartments overseeing local permissions for opening absolutely love this feature. Each LaserMaxx gun has one of those flashlights directly integrated!


Our PowerPods are the most versatile Pods in the business. They can be customized per game to have different options: do you want to give your players extra firepower, shields, invisibility, extra lives or extra ammo? It's all available! Just choose your preferences on the LaserMaxx console. PowerPods can also be bases and can even start shooting opponent teammembers as a defense mechanism! There are dozens of different options when it comes to using the PowerPod.


Working similar as the PowerPod, just with less functions (can't function as a teambase for instance) the MiniPods are smaller versions of the PowerPod. They are transparant with a high degree of visibility. They really are useful for creating special gamestyles and to make your location extra dynamic and colorful.


Innovated at LaserMaxx: the PhotoPods. You can use these PhotoPods to create a photo of a group, or a specific person. This photo is automatically uploaded to the membership profile for your players to share and like the photo, of course with mention of your arena. What's more: you can also push the photos to your own corporate facebook or instagram account for additional exposure. All integrated and all automated!


Within an arena you normally have a distance of 12 to 15 meters to the next wall so you need at least to have an accuracy of 100% up to 12 to 15 meters. LaserMaxx has doubled (!) that distance to 35 meters while maintaining a 100% accuracy, by far the best in the business! With LaserMaxx's famous shooting technology you can shoot players with the most accurate and precise shots available. Receive real-time feedback by sounds, vibration and live information on your display. The accuracy of 100% on a distance of 35 meters is the longest available in the business!


Continuous Radio Communication is active throughout the game, and gives control over the vest during the entire game. Real-time ranking is made possible because of continuous feedback between vests and the controller computer.



LaserMaxx is the first laser game brand with QR codes on the scorecards. These codes contain information such as scoring, LaserMaxx center information and more. The QR codes are simply scanned with a mobile phone. Excellent for communication from you to your players. Just another useful addition from us!


When a birthday group is about to play you can let the EVO-5 vests sing a 'happy birthday'song, out of the blue! All packs sing the birthday song, the equipment of the birthday boy gives him an extra special surprise. When the melody starts it comes as a big surprise for the kids. Really fun for the children!


All our systems are provided with free worldwide shipping. Our systems are shipped inside the EU (excluding flight-only countries) in accordance to DAP Incoterms 2010 and outside the EU in accordance to DAT Incoterms 2010. We are an international company and we believe that free worldwide shipping is a logical step in international trading!


With the LMX Scores you can show the scores of players on a screen in the bar. The goal of this plugin is to control the traffic flow and draw your players from the exit of your vest room to your bar where your screen is best situated. The LMX Scores is an easy and very effective plugin which enhances your commercial efficiency thoroughly.


The LMX LiveRanking gives you the opportunity to boost the experience for your players even before they start playing! The ranks of the ongoing game in the arena will be displayed on the screen in the bar. You can customize your own LiveRanking by adding in photos or banners with special actions, discounts or offers. The beautifully designed LiveRanking will boost the adrenaline of players even before their own game!


The LMX Social plugin connects you instantly to several social media accounts such as Instagram. Fully automated you can show your scores on predetermined intervals. Regardless if you want to post the results of every game or just the highscores of the last five games on your social media for your players to share, like or retweet ... with the LMX Social this process is fully automated! Each of your players will be given out a unique URL per scorecard. Your players can follow that link and claim their scores with their own Facebook account through the world's premium laser tag player portal at On this website your players can see their score history, their ranks, their accuracy and much, much more. They can see how their skills progress, they can gain achievements and even play an online laser tag game. Henceforth your laser tag experience does not stop at your door. And what might be most important... you can now connect with you players through social media, fully automated! Ideal for birthday marketing, your players sharing your arena on Facebook with friends and family, and a multitude of different and beneficial purposes.


One of the oldest tricks in the books of entertainment arenas such as rollercoasters and haunted houses. What better way to share your experience with your players than through photos. Make photos and add them automatically to a game at


Are your players the world's best players? The LMX League plugin allows you to play a predetermined, fixed game style which is the same of any and all customers globally. With an equal playing field and customers all around the globe, your players can be assured that they have the most thorough way of testing how they rank worldwide. Training makes perfect!


Imagine hosting a party for a laser tag group. What would like the birthday group better than if their packs will actually sing a 'Happy Birthday' song to the birthday boy? Want to add/decrease game time, ammo, lives and many more options while the vests are playing the game? All those options are not science fiction: the LMX Interaction allows you to interact with your vests while they are playing a game!


The LMX Multiarena plugin should be your utopia. If you have more arenas than one arena, it might be a good idea to consider the LMX Multiarena. It allows you to control multiple arenas straight from one, central computer in an administrative fashion. If there is a need for the LMX Multiarena it means that you are doing something good!


Imagine that you have a giant arena with a multitude of activities and you wish to enter the player names from a different console than the default LaserMaxx console. No problem! With the LMX Booking Terminal you can do just that ánd completely set-up a game from a different console!


The LaserMaxx PowerPod is a popular device among players. It severely diversifies games and enhances the arena's sales of second games by simply being available. For your professional players the LMX PodEditor plugin is a must-have. You can change every little setting on your PowerPod and thus you will have an unlimited range of options your professional players can choose from!


Do you have a lot of professional and regular players and do you want to offer them unique and thrilling gamestyles? Or perhaps you just want to offer your customers some extra special games? The LMX Specials give you the option to play extraordinary games. From Vampire to VIP to Hit Streaks... the LMX Specials extends the normal game modes for your regulars!


Save an incredible amount of time with the LMX PackAssignment plugin. This plugin directly shows to which player is assigned to which vest for extreme automation! On your busy weekends every minute counts...


The LMX Media Server will give you your own client server to store video, sounds and more media directly on your own server. It will further streamline and automate such activities. Want to have loud sirens at the start of a game to get the adrenaline pumping? Do you want to automatically start the instruction video at the start of each game? Do you want to send custom/different sound effects to different parts of the arena? The LMX Media Server gives you extreme control of your videos, music and sound effects!



By itself DMX is not a new concept nor is it unique throughout business alike. What is unique is the direct integration with your LaserMaxx hardware. With the LMX DMX plugin you can connect your DMX controlled lights, light effects and smoke machines with the LaserMaxx console. The console will automatically recognize the phase within the game and subsequently instruct the DMX controlled electronics to behave as they are set to relative for that phase. An example of such automation? The LMX DMX plugin allows you to set your smoke machine to blow smoke in the arena at high level at the beginning of a game, at medium pace in the middle of the game and off at the end of each game. The LMX DMX plugin makes each (!) of these arena functions fully automated. You take care of the DMX electronics, we take care of the automation of your arena.