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LaserMaxx EVO-6


Building upon the strong foundation set by our EVO-5 system, we now proudly present LaserMaxx EVO-6. Offering a variety of new exciting features and options using advanced hardware and dynamic software, LaserMaxx EVO-6 will take laser tag to the next level. The system redefines how players experience laser tag and help you match or exceed your business expectations.

Available through purchase for new locations or through trade-in for existing laser tag facilities, LaserMaxx EVO-6 is your solution to a future proof laser tag system. Are you ready to play?

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LaserMaxx EVO-6


We've put a lot of effort in creating features to enhance the experience of your players. The system now features integrated accelerometers measuring player activity and crystal clear OLED displays. The outer covers are made of a robust black material protecting the sensitive wiring inside. The sweat-resisting interior padding has been designed to offer a comfortable fit to thoroughly enjoy a laser tag game.

What's more: using the most durable electronics and synthetic materials LaserMaxx EVO-6 is able to withstand the rough day-to-day usage by players. This makes LaserMaxx EVO-6 robust to the extend that you have a maximum usage rate and the highest longevity.

LaserMaxx EVO-6


The LaserMaxx EVO-6 software is the centerpiece of your laser tag arena as it controls all aspects of the system. Developed and refined by usability testing and customer feedback, EVO-6 is operated using a smooth and user-friendly software interface. This ensures that your employees can focus on selling drinks and repeat games.

What's more: the console offers valuable insight in the status of the system, updates and important milestones. System usage is audited through the back-end software and it will give hints to improve the use of the system allowing you to make the most of your laser tag business.

LaserMaxx EVO-6


Think of the reality integration by LaserMaxx EVO-6 as your way to have complete control over the game of laser tag. Imagine if a red team captures a team base and all lights in the arena turn red. Imagine a 'Nuclear Bomb' explodes after 5 minutes leading to all lights flashing yellow, all screens in your arena playing a video of a nuclear bomb and the sound of a nuclear bomb playing on your sound system.

 You can even interact with the vests: by giving special powers, ammo and lives. The LaserMaxx Reality offers complete control of every arena element and integrates it to the game making laser tag more real than ever. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

LaserMaxx EVO-6


LaserMaxx EVO-6 features an AI controlled personal voice assistant. EVE - our enhanced voice engine - will speak to your players through your soundsystem and will frequently update your players with important milestones within the game. EVE will encourage players to be more active and to gear up their game offering live in-game feedback.

What's more: EVE will announce upcoming players their time has come to suit up and immerse themselves in their upcoming laser tag battle. Through EVE, the LaserMaxx EVO-6 is a laser tag system which offers immersive laser games like no other system has ever done before.

LaserMaxx EVO-6


The MyLaserMaxx website was always one of our ways to help connect owners with players. Repeat plays are a great source of extra income after all. MyLaserMaxx has been quite effective so we are happy to take the next step in this. LaserMaxx EVO-6 now hosts the LaserMaxx player app for both iOS and Android.

Players can claim their scores through the app, gain XP, see statistics, share their game-photos and become world's best laser tag player directly on their smartphone. What is a better way to encourage your players to play one more game at your location than through their smartphone?

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All in all, LaserMaxx EVO-6 offers a robust and feature-packed laser tag system allowing you to maximize your profits for the square meters you have available. Do you have questions remaining about our LaserMaxx EVO-6 system? We are happy to help you out. Simply send an e-mail to the representative of LaserMaxx and we are very happy to answer all your questions.

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What's included?

Each LaserMaxx package contains everything you need to start hosting laser tag games!

LaserMaxx EVO-6 system packages
  • EVO-6 laservests and guns
  • Wallmounts and HQ vest chargers
  • LMX PowerPod v6 plugin
  • Controller PC and scorecard printer
  • Briefing video and marketing package
  • LaserMaxx Social Plugin
  • Warranty
  • Worldwide shipping
LMX 12
  • 12
  • 12
  • 1
  • --
  • 12 Months
  • FREE
€ 29.995,-
LMX 24
  • 24
  • 24
  • 2
  • 24 Months
  • FREE
€ 49.995,-
LMX 36
  • 36
  • 36
  • 2
  • 24 Months
  • FREE
€ 69.995,-