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It is advised to let your staff be aware of what LaserMaxx is, what it is able to do and how to operate it. We offer to train your staff to be able to operate the LaserMaxx correctly and being able to do minor repairs themselves on-site. These trainings are free of charge. Traveling and costs of stay are not included in this offer.
This depends on a couple of things, some guidelines are this:
1) You need approx 1 or 2 operators per 20 people playing.
2) Do you have food and beverages? You can either choose to let an operator do that, but perhaps it is a good idea to have an extra person for that, especially in weekends.
For a list of representatives and the languages they speak, contact us. In our business we are able to speak English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and Greek!
You can always check to see if there is a sales representative of your language available. We are able to speak: Spanish, French, English, German, Dutch, Romanian, Russian and Greek. If you don't speak any of those languages, just send us a mail with your best English as possible (google translate for instance). If we can't understand something, we will just ask you for an explanation. Don't worry, just contact us!
Yes, we can do everything via the Internet. From answering questions to closing a deal, so there is no need to come to the Netherlands if you don't want to! But of course you are always welcome to come over!
We use the DAP-method inside the EU and the DAT-method outside the EU as per Incoterms 2010. Cost of shipment is included in the price already! This means that any transport costs or risks are paid for or borne by us. The only thing we ask of you is that you take care of any import documentation and related costs, if applicable, specific to your country. Shipment of product is usually done by fast shipping which means that you will receive the items as soon as possible!
Yes, we sometimes have second-hand equipment we acquired when an arena switched to LaserMaxx. Occasionally, we even have secondhand LaserMaxx systems for sale. These are completely refurbished and serviced, including warranty. Contact us if you want to know what is in stock.
Because we believe that customizing a system gives an added value. You can customize virtually anything you would like in the LaserMaxx systems, in the software as operator but also in what system you want. That makes every system unique and perfectly suited for your needs and desires. Of course we can offer you help in making the right choices and of course we have a default setting but you can also choose your own product preferences and settings. You can always add plugins later if you want to!
Yes, definitely. When we are asked by a TV-program to help them with a laser tag based game, we take the LaserMaxx system simply with us. You can perfectly use LaserMaxx within your rental company and use it for mobile purposes like rentals to companies and schools!
Have you seen our videos in which we smack our equipment, we use a hammer on our equipment and we even drive over our equipment with a car? Exactly that strong is our equipment. Feel free to come to our headquarters at any time and use a heavy hammer on the equipment yourself!