LaserPlay is designed and innovated by LaserMaxx Lasergames B.V. With over two decades worth of experience, LaserMaxx is a recognised leading force in laser gaming with powerful brands such as LaserMaxx, LaserSniper, LaserTrooper and now also available: LaserPlay.

Product specifications

  • Lightweight, transparant phasers
  • 8 LEDs for a colorful experience
  • Durable covers designed for appeal
  • Tablet control for maximum flexibility
  • Up to 6 teams and 64 players
  • Just 770 grams (1.7 lbs) per LaserPlay
  • OLED display and dual speakers

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The most colorful laser tag system available

The LaserPlay brings you the most compact and colorful laser tag system available. Using its sister product's extreme durability and automation, the LaserPlay is an awesome addition to your entertainment facility, fixed or mobile laser tag location or childrens playground.

Tag and seek with a little science fiction

LaserPlay hosts up to 6 teams and 64 players, available in any quantity of 11 and more, the LaserPlay is supplied with everything needed to play a game of LaserPlay. Weighing just 770 grams (1.7 lbs) the LaserPlay can be excellently used by any age demographic.

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