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Our Service

We strive to uphold a 48 hour limit. This means that if you send an item, we will strive to repair it within 48 hours. Shipment is done by UPS fast shipping, which means that you will have your item back within no time!
We have more products in relation to laser gaming, LaserMaxx being only one of them. With the LaserMaxx we are market leader in Europe which means we have a significant amount of expertise and experience available on how to open a business, how to run a business, what marketing is most effective and more. We are willing to share this information with customers as we believe it is vital to have a healthy relationship with our customers.
Delivery time can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the size of your order. Please be advised that this is also the time you need to set-up the arena, so be sure to order early! Contact us for details!
One word: innovations. We constantly keep on innovating our products. About once a month an update is issued with new features. Innovations we have made during the years are for instance: Pay-Per-Play, DMX-plugin which integrates control of arena hardware for operator friendliness, happy birthday features, S.W.A.T.-light and S.W.A.T.-laser. These are just some of the innovations we have made during the years and we will equally continue to be innovative! It keeps on going!
That depends on the system. It is either 12 or 24. Extensions can be arranged.