Automatic software updates

Feature-packed software updates are issued frequently and are installed all automatically!

Player App

Fully integrated player portal tracking advanced player stats and after-action results.

Calorie tracking

Always wondered how fit you become by playing? EVO-6 tracks the burned calories!

Karting timing integration

API integration for third party systems, such as SMS-Timing and more!

LMX Reality

Your arena, your lights and all your audio, speech, photos and videos will react realtime to in-game events!

Prison escape integration

Create a prison escape game inside of the play area for a hybrid laser tag experience.

Owner app

Full overview and insight in your system while you are off-site... or on holiday.

Player memberships

Integrated sensors combined with RFID cards ensure a streamlined experience for your customers and more importantly: an excellent reason to come back to your venue!

Comfortable foam padding

The thick and designed foam padding make EVO-6 vests extremely comfortable.

DMX integration

Automates the use of lights, smoke machines and other electronic effects.

Special game modes & editor

Experience whole new ways to play laser tag through our extensive set of game modes.

Enhanced voice engine (EVE)

Experience live action feedback on your game through our integrated text-to-speech engine.

LMX PackAssignment

Displaying the assigned vests to the players on a designated screen increases throughput at the loading room significantly!

Full color scorecards

Including comprehensive data visualisation about key game statistics and game photos.

QR Codes

Access to player profiles, game statistics, milestones and achievements is now just a quick scan away!

Dual Lasers Option

Dual lasers for identifying team mates, blasting power-ups and more!

LMX Booking

With the LMX Booking Terminal you can completely set-up a game and player names from a PC located anywhere at your location.

Worldwide 24/7 support

Our multilingual support team is at your service 24/7, for all your questions.

One size fits all

Small child or big bodybuilder? Our one-sized vests can be used by anybody.

Thick green lasers

Bright and above all: fun. Our green lasers make your arena more vibrant than ever before.

LMX Scores

Enhance player experience by Showing scores, game milestones and other arena related data on an external screen.

Web applets

By showing your arena's highscores and your top players, you will make your website a true laser tag portal

Arena Reviews

Our system automatically registers valuable player feedback and ratings.


Rather have your players make their own action photos? Shoot the SelfiePod and it will take a fun photo!

Transparent guns

Colorful and vibrant! Transparent guns are optionally available for all EVO-6 systems.

Emergency evacuation mode

Fire departments love this feature! Hit a single button to start the evacuation protocol.